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        Company Profile

          Jiangsu Kingland Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangsu Kinglan”) was founded in 2004, based in the forbidding strategic city, Nanjing. It is a diversified company engaged in capital and assets operation.After over 10 years of efforts, Jiangsu Kingland has established the business mode of “investment + Management”, gradually forming investment idea and management system of its own characteristics. In the process of development, the company continuously seeks improvement and perfection, creating career platform for employees and fully stimulating company vitality.Adopting the parent-subsidiary company organization structure, Jiangsu Kingland forms two types of business: financial investment and management investment. Financial investment includes venture investment, angel investment, private equity investment and equity sharing. Management investment covers newly established industry, direct holding and acquisition and reorganization.By the end of 2014, Jiangsu Kingland has financially invested 6 companies and participated in management investment of 11 companies. Among them, the annual sales revenue of the management investment companies added up to approximately 4.5 billion Yuan, and the number of employees exceeded 2,000.Jiangsu Kingland sticks to the mission of “Integrity, Pragmatism, Proactivity, and steadiness” and pursues innovation & transcendence, sustainable growth and seeks win-win development.

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