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        DESHINE Took MILLAMORE To Debut At The 5th Shanghai International Pet Expo

        From:Company News   Editor:admin   Date:2016-03-30 11:25
        Jiangsu DESHINE Trading Co., Ltd., a subordinate company of Jiangsu Kingland Industrial Co., Ltd., which took party in the 5th Shanghai International Pet Expo from 17th to 20th in March, 2016.  It was held in the Hall 1 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, the area has expanded to 25,000 square meters, and the exhibition scope will also be expanded to the entire pet industry.
            DESHINE took MILLAMORE to attend the expo, which is the debut for MILLAMORE in China. MILLAMORE, a unique, high-quality and brand new bedding and nesting products for small pets. MILLAMORE products are produced for this particular purpose, no leftovers from the timber or paper industries has been used. Made from fresh and natural aspen (Populus tremula) –hygienic, safe and controlled, free of additives, industrial and chemical traces. DESHINE as a trading distributor, devoted to bring more healthful and natural and high-quality to Chinese consumers. During this expo, we let more consumers and distributors know and use MILLAMORE. This debut is one small step for DESHINE but a great step of MILLAMORE.


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