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        MILLAMORE Attends The Pet Fair Asia 2016 in Shanghai

        From:Company News   Editor:admin   Date:2016-08-25 15:25

        Jiangsu Dishang Co., Ltd took party in the 19th Pet Fair Aisa on August 8th, 2016 in Shanghai. Pet Fair Asia is a strong platform for foreign brands to achieve a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign, while domestic suppliers can explore overseas distribution channels. It gathered together hundreds of industry leaders on its floor ground and attracts 22,000 professional visitors and buyers, as well as 61,000 end-customers.It’s the second time for MILLAMORE to appeared on the professional exhibition in China. MILLAMORE, were made of 100% natural Aspen and gives your pets and you a comfortable and clean home. MILLAMORE as a high quality product fills the high-end blank market in China, which were highly praised by distributors and consumers. Hereafter, MILLAMORE will continue to provide the better product for consumers. 



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